What is TripWithBenefits ?2020-09-27T21:01:45+03:00

TripsWithBenefits is a social dating app which connects worldwide travelers in one place! If you need a travel advice from locals, look for a travel buddy for your next destination or simply you are seeking your soulmate, TripsWithBenefits is the right choice for you!

Is it free to register ?2020-09-26T19:44:56+03:00

Anyone can join TripsWithBenefits, registering is free, fast and easy! Choose the way you want to register  and activate your account. If you subscribe with your email, don’t forget to validate your account by entering the validation code (for mobile app) or by clicking the link in the validation email you will receive (for the webapp). We do offer in-app purchases for both male and female users, that will unlock new features and give them a better experience on TripsWithBenefits app.

How do I change my profile info and profile photo?2020-09-26T19:42:52+03:00

– from top left menu, click on your profile small image. There you will see in the settings list – “my profile”. You can  change your profile photo or your profile info from there.

– from top right menu, click on “profile”  and there you can change your profile photo or your profile info.

How can I add more photos?2020-09-24T14:36:58+03:00

On the left side menu you will find “my photos”, just click on it and add there more photos. You can choose to add public photos or private photos. Don’t forget to read the photo rules before uploading them.

How can I share my trip ?2020-09-25T14:00:27+03:00

From the left side menu click on “my trips” and there you can create or edit a trip. Once you fill all details just click on “create a new trip ” and your trip will  be shared with other travelers.

How can I find a travel buddy?2020-09-24T14:56:23+03:00

From left side menu, go on “search members”. You can browse through displayed members, or you can u can apply filters for a more precise search. Choose the preferred travel buddy from the list.

How do I start a conversation with someone?2020-09-25T14:01:43+03:00

Just click “send message” in a member’s profile, and start your conversation! You can find all your messages on left side menu in the “messages” section.

How do I become a premium member?2020-09-26T19:09:44+03:00

– you need to go on left side menu and choose “membership” and there you can choose your plan.

–  you need to go on upper right menu button, select “my account” and there you find “go premium” option.

We do offer in-app purchases to maintain an ad free app, and to keep a pleasant environment for our users.

How can I delete my account?2020-09-26T19:46:49+03:00

– you need to go on left menu, go to settings (click on your profile image), choose “Account” and there you can see delete/disable  option.

– you need to go on upper right menu button, select “my account”, there you will find “Delete my account” link and follow the instructions.

Remember that, if you just need a break, you can choose to disable temporarily your account. Your account will become invisible to other members and you wont receive notifications until your next visit.

How do I contact TripsWithBenefits?2020-09-26T19:30:50+03:00

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact us via our contact page or from inside the app, use the chat to contact directly “TWB support”. Please note that it can take up to 24 hours to receive the answer for your messages.

Why was my photo rejected?2020-09-26T19:34:45+03:00

Your photo may be rejected for various reasons, such as poor quality, photo of someone else, and so on.
Read the rules before uploading a photo into your profile. The rules are displayed on the screens where you can upload a photo.

Why should i verify my profile?2020-09-26T19:47:43+03:00

We recommend to all members to verify their profile and make it trustworthy.

– you need to go on left side menu, click on settings (your profile small image), my profile/verify my profile. There you have to upload a selfie with you, holding a piece of paper with TWB text written on it.

– you need to go on top right menu, account section. There you have to upload a selfie with you, holding a piece of paper with TWB text written on it.